Hyde N Bar Mini – Sour Apple Ice and Raspberry Watermelon

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Hyde n Bar Mini Sour Apple Ice is an impressive disposable vape that features an incredible array of fruit flavors. Including such mouthwatering flavors as sour apple ice and raspberry watermelon, this remarkable device delivers an extraordinary flavor experience.

These devices are so simple to use — simply insert your favorite juice and inhale. They produce a rich vapor that will satisfy any smoker.

Sour Apple Ice

The Hyde n Bar Mini is one of the best disposable vapes on the market. Its stylish good looks and wide selection of flavors set it apart from its competitors. Each device comes pre-filled with a 5% salt nicotine liquid and can produce up to 2500 puffs.

Sour Apple Ice delivers the sour and sweet flavor of apples and frosty menthol finish. The flavor is rich and full without being too overwhelming. It also provides a refreshing sensation in your throat on the exhale.

Other amazing flavors available in the Hyde n Bar include Peach Lemon Strawberry, Guava Ice, Minty O’s, and Fruit Loops. Each of these flavors is packed with natural and artificial flavors that are blended with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. They’re available in different VG/PG ratios to give you a range of vapor quality. Some e-liquids have a higher VG ratio to create thicker clouds while others have a lower VG ratio for more flavorful vapor.

Bananas & Cream

A more compact version of the original Hyde N Bar, this Nord style disposable vape has a small form factor but still packs in up to 2500 puffs and 5% nicotine salt. The device can be easily recharged with the micro USB port and features a variety of unique Hyde flavors like Philippine Mango, Dewberry, Blue Razz Ice, Watermelon Ice Cream, Strawberry Guava Ice, Minty O’s, Cotton Cloudz, Coconut Crumble, Rainbow, Fresh Vanilla, Lemon Ice Cream and Fruity Loops.

The device has a slick design and is great for beginners or advanced vapers looking for a portable device that can deliver a smooth vapor with no hassle. If you are in the market for a new, rechargeable disposable, check out the Hyde N Bar Mini from Vape More Inc! You won’t be disappointed.

Raspberry Watermelon

Hyde N Bar Mini is a scaled-down version of their popular N-Bar, keeping their “Nord Style” design and delivering about 2500 puffs. It is a great option if you are looking for a compact, portable disposable to truly delight your taste senses with over twenty perfectly-crafted flavor combinations that will do just that.

The flavors from this brand are a combination of fruity and dessert-inspired vape juices and they also include some energy drinks as well. So, there is something for every vaper to enjoy.

This product line features some of the most visually appealing disposables on the market. They feature a golf ball texture that feels good in the hand and their unique designs are sure to grab attention from fellow vapers. Plus, they can hold a lot of e-liquid as they are larger than many other similar-sized models. They are also highly durable and easy to clean. They are a great choice for any vaper on the go!

Strawberry Ice Cream

The bar has been raised once again with the new Hyde N-Bar Mini. The N-Bar Mini maintains the Nord Style design but is smaller and more portable than its predecessor. It can handle up to 2500 puffs and comes with 25 strong flavors that are sure to make your mouth water. Some of the popular choices include Minty O’s which is a cool minty taste, Strawberry Lemon Lime that offers the best of both strawberries and lemons, Blue Razz Ice that mixes blue raspberry with menthol, and Boba Shake, which is that delicious milk tea that everybody loves.

Each N-Bar Mini flavor is infused with high-quality liquid to provide a true mouth-to-lung vapor experience. The flavors also have the perfect nicotine salt concentration to satisfy every vaper’s needs and desires. Some vapers like to carry their N-Bar Mini on the beach and others prefer it at nightlife venues, so choose your favorite depending on your preferences, location, and personality.

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